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AdsWizz Launches AdWave Canada, Expanding AdWave Reach to 33 Countries

Partners with Media Sales Lab and leanStream to drive
Digital Audio Advertising Market in Canada


San Mateo, CA, March 15, 2016 — AdsWizz, the leading technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital audio market, announced today the expansion of AdWave, the largest global digital audio marketplace, into Canada.

Working with AdsWizz to help facilitate sales to advertisers and their agencies will be Media Sales Lab, one of Canada’s fastest-growing media sales agencies focused on innovative media offerings in broadcast, audio, digital and influencer marketing.

Under terms of the deal, Media Sales Lab’s sales team will sell AdWave inventory to Canadian advertisers, capitalizing on the large Canadian digital audio audience.

AdWave enables advertisers to deliver targeted audio ads tailored to listeners’ locations, listening devices, demographic categories and other profile elements in the USA, Europe, LATAM, APAC and now Canada. With this partnership, AdsWizz and Media Sales Lab are enabling advertisers to easily reach Canadian audiences across premium radio and music streaming brands.

“We are fully committed to the development of digital audio sales in Canada as a new source of revenue for broadcasters and high-value inventory placements for advertisers,” said Chris Nimigon, President of Media Sales Lab.

Several of Canada’s leading advertising agencies, including IPG Mediabrands, say they plan to use AdWave.

“Consumers’ media usage is not static, it’s incredibly dynamic” said David McDonald, VP, Director of Radio Investments at IPG Mediabrands. “Radio is no longer the sole vehicle delivering music, information and audio messaging.  As smart phone usage increases and they become personal multi-media devices, we have to become as dynamic to reach our targets.  This opportunity allows us to extend reach and position audio commercials on that increasingly relevant, personal platform.”

Media Sales Lab is the exclusive sales representative for leanStream, Canada’s leading provider of digital audio streaming services and AdsWizz’s AdWave Canada CDN partner.

“Our job is to provide the tools and services that deliver broadcasters audio content to their online audiences, and to take full advantage of the potential of digital delivery by connecting those audiences to advertisers with an unprecedented degree of precision” said David Huszar, leanStream President. “The combination of AdWave and Media Sales Lab is a powerful new tool for broadcasters and advertisers. We’re very excited to help launch this initiative to Canada.”

“AdsWizz is thrilled to partner with Media Sales Lab and leanStream, leaders in the Canadian radio industry, to harness the large and growing digital audio audience,” said Alexis van de Wyer, AdsWizz CEO. “The combination of AdWave’s reach in Canada, Media Sales Lab’s expertise in radio advertising sales, and leanStream’s rapidly growing list of Canadian streaming clients will generate tremendous value for both publishers and Canadian advertisers.”

“Through these new partnerships, AdsWizz is well-positioned to develop the next generation of digital audio advertising solutions to help Canadian publishers and advertisers capitalize on the growing market in Canada,” van de Wyer added.

About AdsWizz

AdsWizz is a leading global technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital radio and audio industries. Its server-side solutions and global audio ad exchange offers advertisers unique targeting capabilities and provide audio publishers powerful new ways to monetize their listenership. This has led AdsWizz to quickly become a go-to resource for many of the world’s most prominent advertising agencies and digital audio publishers.

About Media Sales Lab

Media Sales Lab is one of Canada’s fastest growing media sales agencies and represents innovative media offerings in broadcast, audio, digital and influencer marketing with broadcasters and advertisers across Canada.

About leanStream

leanStream is Canada’s premiere radio streaming solutions company, serving professional broadcasters across the country and in the US, Europe and Asia on a state of the art delivery network with rock solid reliability and powerful monetization, audience-insight and productivity tools.

Toronto, Canada — May 1, 2016

leanStream adds Nielsen Player SDK Certification to its suite of player features

leanStream, a leading streaming solutions provider for radio broadcasters, has strengthened its commitment to the evolution of online audience measurement through the integration of Nielsen’s player SDK into the leanPlayer and GameDay web and mobile players.

Nielsen’s certification of the software integration confirms leanStream’s hybrid HTML5 players as a verified source of vital end-user listener analytics. The addition of Nielsen’s SDK allows Nielsen subscribers to unify analytics across linear and digital platforms, measuring the extension of broadcast radio to streaming environments.

“leanStream is very pleased to be able to contribute to Nielsen’s Total Audience initiative,” according to David Huszar, Business Lead for leanStream. “With radio’s audiences listening to their favourite stations across more platforms and devices all the time, the need for unified cross-platform reporting grows increasingly urgent. At leanStream we believe that the audio stream can be a valuable source of audience insight, and initiatives like this, driven by global performance management leaders like Nielsen, are the key to realizing that value.”

leanPlayer is a cloud-based audio player built to maximize playability, auto-detecting device, browser and OS to seamlessly deliver HTML5 or Flash versions in AAC, MP3 or HLS, making listening online as easy as listening to the radio.

GameDay is the audio player of choice for some of the NCAA’s leading Division 1 teams, delivering up to 3 simultaneous live event streams that auto-post at game end, seamlessly switching from Live Broadcast to On Demand mode, counting down to the next scheduled broadcast while hosting full HLS-coded audio archives.

About leanStream

leanStream is Canada’s premiere radio streaming solutions company, serving professional broadcasters across the country and in the US, Europe and Asia on a state of the art delivery network with rock solid reliability and powerful monetization, audience-insight and productivity tools.

Toronto,  —December 13, 2016

Newcap Radio Selects leanStream for Audio Streaming Services

leanStream, Canada’s premiere radio streaming solutions company, today announced that Newcap Radio, Canada’s largest pure-play radio company , has selected leanStream to deliver its audio streaming content. Through this partnership, Newcap will use leanStream’s state-of the-art delivery network and tools to deliver their market-leading radio stations audio content to millions of listeners across the country.

“The team at Newcap Radio is proud to be working with leanStream to digitally deliver our audio brands into the ears of listeners around the world,” said Steve Jones, Newcap’s VP/Brands & Content. “Our partnership with leanStream means that our listeners today and into the future will enjoy the highest level of audio quality and most reliable level of service, along with the cutting edge in audio streaming.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Newcap and honoured to provide them with the platform and services they need to deliver their award-winning content to audiences across the country” said David Huszar, leanStream President. “Newcap is an audio innovator and a true radio company and we’re excited to work with a team that are as passionate about the audio space as they are”.

Through this new partnership, leanStream continues to expand its coverage in Canada, reliably streaming tens of millions of sessions to listeners from St. John’s to Vancouver each month, and is taking a leading role in the development of next-generation digital audio solutions on behalf of Canadian radio broadcasters and listeners.

About leanStream

leanStream is Canada’s premiere radio streaming solutions company, serving professional broadcasters across this country and in the US, Europe and Asia on a state-of-the-art delivery network with rock solid reliability and powerful monetization, audience-insight and productivity tools.

About Newcap Radio

Newcap Radio is one of Canada’s leading radio broadcasters with 95 licenses across Canada. The Company reaches millions of listeners each week through a variety of formats and is a recognized industry leader in radio programming, sales and networking. The Company’s portfolio of radio assets includes 80 FM and 15 AM licences which can be heard throughout Canada.